Ryan Catholic College Townsville

P&F Association

The main objectives of the Parents and Friends Association are:
  • to stimulate an active interest in the life of the college,
  • to foster a spirit of positive fellowship amongst parents, staff and friends of the school,
  • to promote a spirit of genuine cooperation between parents, staff and students of the school,
  • to provide financial assistance for the development of the school's facilities and teaching resources.
  • to provide a pathway for parents to be involved in supporting the college.

The Association plays a significant role in building the community spirit of the college. Its events and functions provide opportunity for parents and staff to gather together in a spirit of fun and fellowship.

Parent Involvement 

There are many ways in which parents can be involved in their child's education including:

  • becoming involved in their children's education at school and in the community
  • asking them what they learnt at school today
  • helping them to meet assessment task deadlines by helping them set goals, manage their time better
  • reinforcing the expectations of the college in relation to uniform, behaviour and work ethic
  • attending parent-teacher interviews
  • attending college information evenings
  • being involved in the various parents bodies of the college e.g. P & F, Support Groups
  • coming along and watching them perform in their musical, cultural or sporting groups or teams
  • helping out in their child's classroom
  • taking an interest in what they are doing at school (both in and out of the classroom)
  • emphasize effort at least as much as achievement.When parents ask what they can do to help their child the reply is ‘be interested in everything that they do and above all, as often as you can, be there to watch then in action in this most exciting phase of their life.

We see your child's growth and development as a shared responsibility. After your, the child spends up to seven hours a day or thirty-five hours a week in the care of the college.

Parents have the key role in character making, modelling philosophy and building attitudes, values and self-esteem.

Where these values are shared we can only back you up, and will.

How to get involved

Get to know Ryan and use every opportunity to attend:

  • class events
  • open days
  • sporting carnivals
  • assemblies
  • special events (Ryan Day, music, art, performing arts)
  • parents and friends events.


  • The Newsletter
  • Class teacher's letters
  • Parent Information Books
  • College Magazine

Current management team and committee:
President Jacklin Weston
Vice President Tina Roberts
Treasurer Kylie Muir
Secretary Elizabeth Schutz
Diocesan Representative Catherine Russo and Andrea Bliss
Executive members Katie Prothero, Desley Gunn, Kristen Goltl, Pip Zohn, Mandy Martin, Kellie Pozzebon, 

The Ryan Parents and Friends Association meet on the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm.  The venue alternates between the Ryan Campus Library and the Junior Campus staffroom. The venue is advertised in the weekly Newsletter. 

You can contact the P&F via the following email address ryanpandf@ryan.catholic.edu.au