Ryan Catholic College Townsville

Camps & Activities

In addition to sport, there are extensive opportunities for students to be involved in other co-curricular activities.

Our comprehensive public speaking and debating programmes offer students the opportunity to develop the important qualities of self-confidence, teamwork and logical reasoning, thus equipping them with valuable life-long attributes. Every student is given public speaking experience as a component of our English course. In addition, our students regularly participate in Public Speaking competitions such as Lions Youth of the Year, and Legacy and Rostrum speech competitions.

Our camps enhance the pastoral care programme by adding an outdoor and environmental dimension to activities designed to help students become responsible and self-disciplined young adults. The focus for each camp varies, depending on the year level.

The St Vincent de Paul conference at Ryan is comprised of student volunteers who participate in visits to Aged Care facilities and fundraising. As an integral part of living out our faith, students are encouraged to support and organise various charitable activities.

Young Christian Students (YCS) is a movement of high school students proving that they can make a difference. YCS is run for, by and among secondary school students and is the only high school run movement in Australia! YCS is about secondary school students putting their faith into action in a practical way. The students come together and work out how they can make a difference by using the famous SEE-JUDGE-ACT method:

SEE - what do we want to change in the world? 

JUDGE - what does our faith say about the situation and what is Jesus calling us to do?

ACT - develop an action that puts our beliefs into action and actually changes the situation.

Numerous subject areas participate in a wide range of local, state and national competitions.

There are numerous clubs or activities available for students who have an interest in a particular area. Regardless of ability, students may participate in one or more of the following:

2015 School Production, High School Musical

Mulkadee Youth Arts Festival

School Camps

  • Production
  • Year 9/10 Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Italian & Japanese Speech Competitions
  • UK Sporting Tours
  • Mooting
  • Charities
  • Cultural Camp
  • Lions Youth of the Year
  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Japanese Tour
  • Italian Tour
  • Debating
  • Camps (various year levels)
  • Feast Days & special celebrations
  • National Schools Constitutional Convention
  • Hunanities International Tour
  • Australian Schools Science Competition
  • Australian School Mathematics Competition
  • Young Christian Students 
  • PNG Emersion Tour