Ryan Catholic College Townsville

Junior School

Students in the Junior School undertake study of the Key Learning Areas of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Studies of Society and the Environment, Physical Education, The Arts and Languages Other Than English.

Religious Education is based on the Archdiocese of Brisbane guidelines. Religious Education consists of two distinct but complementary dimensions, namely an educational dimension and a faith formation dimension. The first dimension, most commonly referred to as the classroom teaching and learning of religion, is focused on Religious Education as an educational activity. It utilizes a range of teaching and learning processes and resources. The second dimension, faith formation, is reflected in the religious life of the College, family and parish.

Prayer, liturgies and Christian Meditation are of significant importance in the life of Ryan Catholic College. Classroom prayer and Christian Meditation occur on a daily basis with liturgies being celebrated for major feast days and other significant events throughout the year.

Students making the sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist do this through a parish based program.

Literacy skills are developed using approaches that scaffold and support students' understanding of spoken and written language. One tool used by our teachers is the THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) program which is a multi-sensory approach to phonics. THRASS equips students with skills to spell and decode words. Spelling is taught with the focus on phonological knowledge (letter sound relationships), word function knowledge, word meaning knowledge and word history knowledge.

Reading and writing skills are also developed with particular emphasis on shared reading and joint construction for writing experiences. Explicit demonstrations of different types of texts and reading approaches, together with provision of effective feedback, are key components of our whole school approach.

Numeracy involves the exploration of number, so that children develop the skills to be able to think and work mathematically. Since young children learn best from "hands-on" experience, we provide meaningful activities which engage their interest. Authentic experiences are undertaken in Maths Investigations and digital resources are used to support ongoing engagement. Games and activities based on life experiences are valuable tools in the education of young minds.

Preparatory Year

The Early Years education program at Ryan provides students with firm foundations.

The program provides a holistic approach to the development of each child - spiritually, academically, socially, physically and emotionally. In Prep, we provide experiences that allow children to interact with the world around them. We aim to provide a challenging and stimulating environment where different learning styles are catered for through well-planned, developmentally appropriate and sequential learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to try new things, test ideas and make their own conclusions about specific experiences.

During Prep students are given a sense of God in their life as they learn about the Gospel Values e.g. love, respect, compassion, reconciliation. As they work and pray together, children are able to experience values of love, hope, faith, sharing, community, reconciliation and giving thanks. These values are further developed throughout their years at Ryan Catholic College. We are dedicated to provide creative and uplifting experiences that raise students' awareness of God and the world.

Preparatory Year is full-time i.e. 5 days per week in term time.
Sessions begin at 8:30am and finish at 2:50pm.

Children in Prep wear the full Ryan uniform available from our College uniform shop.