Ryan Catholic College Townsville

RCC Emmaus Service Plan

Service is one of the three Emmaus Pillars of Ryan Catholic College.  Our service for and with others is guided by the Caritas framework of social justice.  This framework highlights the role of four interconnected areas which all contribute to social justice, and allow Catholic Social Teachings to flourish.  These four types of actions are:

1.  Charity Actions

2.  Awareness-Raising Actions

3.  Solidarity Actions

4.  Social Justice Actions.

Following the example of Jesus the Good Shepherd, Ryan Catholic College students and staff strive to go out and seek the lost with a focus on several groups.

Within the College:  Welcoming and including others within our own community is of vital importance at Ryan Catholic College.  Our Mission Statement highlights the "inclusive community" we aspire to create.  Initiatives such as buddying, "Buddy Benches", peer mentoring, inter-year activities such as lunchtime games and sport, Harmony Day celebrations, and acts of service are examples of our focus on treating others as we would like to be treated.

Within our Local Community:  Ryan Catholic College prioritises its relationship with St Vincent de Paul as a means of being active in our local community.  Students in Years 3 to 12 have the opportunity to participate in a Vinnies "Sleepout" which involves all four areas of charity, awareness-raising , solidarity and social justice actions.  Curriculum programs in Religious Education classes complement the Vinnies "Sleepout" in several year levels to deepen students' understanding of homelessness and the role of Vinnies in our community.  Every student and family contributes to the creation of Christmas Hampers for our local St Vincent de Paul Conference based at the Good Shepherd Parish.  Families have the opportunity to be involved in delivery of these hampers.

Beyond our Local Community:  We maintain a strong focus on helping our brothers and sisters around the world through a number of key areas.  We have chosen the Aitape Diocese of Papua New Guinea as our mission.  This mission involves biennial immersion experiences for students and staff in conjunction with St Anthony's Catholic College.  We have hosted one group of students and staff from the Aitape Diocese, and hope to resume this program in the future.  Whole College involvement in this mission is achieved by sending one shipping container to Aitape every two years.  Collection Drives, fund-raising and packing the container provide opportunities for students of all ages to participate in our mission to Aitape.  Project Compassion is a busy time in our community with numerous activities focusing on the charity and awareness-raising elements of social justice.  Students learn about the work of Caritas with a weekly focus on the communities and people who are supported by Caritas Australia's programs.  Students lead most of the fund-raising activities for Project Compassion within the College community.