Ryan Catholic College Townsville

Thinking Science

Thinking Science is a stand-alone, evidence-based program that is implemented in conjunction with  the Australian Curriculum in Year 8 and Year 9 Science. It was first integrated into the Science curriculum at Ryan Catholic College in 2015, commencing with students in Year 7 and Year 8.  These  cohorts were the first groups to complete this  program over two years. Students in Year 8 in future years will be exposed to this program within their Science lessons, completing the program by the end of Year 9.

The program runs for two years and consists of 30 lessons sequenced in a specific order and based upon selected ‘reasoning patterns’.

The program is built around five pillars:

  • concrete preparation
  • cognitive conflict
  • social construction
  • metacognition
  • bridging

These five pillars are used within the program to accelerate students’ reasoning ability and promote greater overall success at school. Evidence from studies completed in the UK has shown long-term academic benefits for students completing the program and not just in Science, but also in Maths and English.

If you have any queries regarding this program or any other aspect of the Science program at Ryan Catholic College, please contact our science department.