Ryan Catholic College Townsville


Dance curriculum is offered at Ryan from Years 8 to 12. It provides opportunities for student to choreograph, perform and appreciating dance works through a range of genres and styles. Students will learn performance pieces and choreograph their own dance works which are presented at our biannual Dance Nights.

The Dance Nights provide an opportunity for students to perform publicly and give family and friends a chance to see what students have been working on throughout the semester. Students also have opportunities to perform works that they have choreographed themselves.

Another way in which Dance is present within the College is through Dance Troupe. Dance Troupe is offered to students from Years 5 to 12 following a successful audition process. Students must be able to display a high level of performance competency and demonstrate college values in all that they do. Students in Dance Troupe regularly perform for assemblies, liturgies and school public events such as presentation night.