Media is studied through years 8-10, preparing students for the Film, Television and New Media course in year 11 and 12.

By studying Media and Film and Television, students have the opportunity to explore a number of different film and television genres as well as develop practical skills in filmmaking. The skills explored will cover camera work and editing as well as sound and lighting techniques. Students work with a number of software programmes and technologies in order to create their own Media products.

With technology ever growing and the popularity of social media and anything digital, the Film, Television and New Media course offers opportunities for students to engage with content that is current and relevant to modern day society. Students have the opportunity to view films produced by local filmmakers as well as enter film competitions that highlight up and coming talent. Students also have opportunities to practice their skills in ‘real world' situations such as camera operating and vision switching at assemblies, liturgies and school celebrations.

Media and Film and Television offers students the opportunity to develop organisational skills, group work skills and communication skills that transfer into the workplace and real life situations.