Ryan Catholic College Townsville

Tuckshop Orders

The Ryan Catholic College Tuckshop on the Junior and Ryan campuses are operated by Alliance Catering. 

'Wellbeing, it's Vital' is Alliance Catering's dedicated healthy eating program encouraging our customers to make healthier choices.

Based on Australian Dietary Guidelines established by the National Health and Medical Research Centre.  The program is supported by a dedicated range of promotional materials and incentives. Wellbeing food choices are indicated on menus highlighting meal options that are low in fat, low in salt, low in sugar and high in fibre.

Prep - Yr 4 and Yr 5 - 7 students order their lunches either via the paper bag ordering system or Flexi-Schools online ordering system.  For students in Yr 8 - 12 the tuckshop is self serve.  Secondary students can also use the Flexi-Schools online system by loading credit onto their ID card.  For more information about the Flexi-Schools system visit their website.