Ryan Catholic College Townsville


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a powerful tool which is integrated throughout the College to enhance teaching and learning. With technology changing the landscape of our present and future realities, we believe the school plays an important part in preparing students for the changing future. We believe that technology facilitates the process of teaching and learning and that ICT must be embedded in the teaching and learning process.

All students at Ryan Catholic College have access to their own school Google Account giving them access to the full Google Suite of applications. The use of ICT is driven by the curriculum and as such ICT is integrated and utilised as and when appropriate to support students learning. Access to ICT across the School is as follows:

  • Prep to Year 2 - bank of 6 ipads per class;
  • Prep to Year 7 students have access to laptops and/ or Chromebooks in trolleys;
  • BYO devices - Years 8 to 12;
  • Six computer labs on the Ryan Campus.

The curriculum is developed and delivered with the expectation that students have access to devices when required. Our network is such that students can easily connect their own devices to the network and incorporate the device as part of their learning toolkit.

The use of technology in all aspects of life has created an increasing demand on schools to prepare students to use that technology in a safe, legal and ethical manner. Ryan Catholic College has a focus on responsible digital citizenship, meaning that students come to understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology while practising sound legal and ethical behaviour.

Michael Berlin
Program Leader: eLearning