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Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education Team consists of several teachers and teacher assistants across the three areas of the school (Junior, Middle and Senior Schools) who assist students:

  • Who have been formally diagnosed with a learning difficulty in Literacy and Numeracy or who have consistent difficulties understanding concepts within the curriculum.
  • Who have an Individual Learning Plan.
  • Who have been referred by teachers and/or parents who have concerns about the student's level of achievement.

Goal: To identify and work with students with difficulties as early as possible to provide intervention at the earliest level to develop their confidence in themselves as a learner.
Our work consists of:
  • Referring students to School Counsellor, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other outside specialists
  • Working collaboratively with teachers to develop an Individual Learning Plan for specific students
  • Withdrawing small groups of students and individuals to provide support for assessment and in-class tasks
  • Withdrawing small groups of students and individuals to assist with Literacy and/or Numeracy difficulties
  • Providing Teacher Assistants to assist students in the classroom
  • Assisting teachers to develop appropriate differentiation to cater for the needs of these students

In year 7, the College has many new enrolments from primary schools in the area. All year 8 students are tested to determine mathematical and comprehension skills within the first two weeks. This information as well as previous knowledge from the primary sector is used to offer students the opportunity to be included in the Learning Enrichment program. The program offers opportunities to receive support in class as well as in the Learning Enrichment centre.

Students With Disabilities

The Special Needs program offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn and be part of the whole school community.

Teachers and teacher assistants work together to provide relevant learning experiences for our students with disabilities.

This is done by providing the following opportunities:

  • Inviting class members to participate in the cooking program so other students can share this experience and give them a common talking point
  • Establishment and maintenance of a vegetable garden
  • Participation in wider community events such as the Challenge Games and Senior Conference
  • Developing Individual Education Plans in collaboration with teachers and parents
  • Assisting students to complete assessment tasks both in-class and during withdrawal lessons
  • Liaising with specialists to provide relevant activities within the school setting
  • Life Skills programs targeted to specific needs of students e.g. weekly cooking, weekly shopping, community access programs
  • Providing work experience opportunities for students supported by school staff or outside employment support agencies
  • Encouraging participation and acceptance within the College community

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and waters, the Wulgurukaba, and that this country has been a place of learning and ceremony for tens of thousands of years. We also acknowledge the neighbouring language groups as brothers and sisters of the land. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. May we walk gently and peacefully on this land together.

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Senior Campus (Years 5 - 12)

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