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The Arts

The Arts

Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.” ― Sir Ken Robinson

Ryan Arts Goals

  • Innovation and excellence in Arts education
  • Contemporary methodology focused on the continued integration of IT.
  • Integrated curriculum embracing the totality of The Arts.
  • Strategic alliances with corporate and educational bodies.
  • Exposure for students to industry experience.
  • Pathways into industry and tertiary education.
  • Programs which address the different artistic, academic, cultural, health and pastoral needs of students.
  • Specialist teaching by highly skilled and experienced professionals.

The Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program is designed to provide students who have a passion for performance with comprehensive training in Acting, Music, and Dance.

The courses offer a unique and creative classroom environment that provides solid foundations across the three major performing arts disciplines. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in the Instrumental Music program, which offers weekly tuition workshops in small groups or individually. This program enables students to build their skills and perform regularly on their chosen instrument.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts offers training in a wide range of contemporary and traditional artistic styles. It is specifically aimed at students with a talent, passion and vision in the creative industries.

The courses are unique in that they offer technical skills and functional instruction as well as aesthetic and decorative design to provide authentic creative experiences in the discipline of Visual Arts This is complemented through participation in regular Artist Collaborative workshops and master classes directed by industry trained specialists and professional, practising artists. Weekly workshops provide further visual art exposure, skill building and practice, and students have the opportunities to exhibit their works in a variety of public forums.

The courses are ideal for students who display natural talent, further enhancing this ability by providing a strong foundation in fundamental training and industry specific knowledge. Opportunities exist for students to participate in excursions, competitions and exhibitions. These include Creative Generations, Townsville Eisteddfod, Creative State Excellence Program, Perc Tucker Percivals, Umbrella Studio Members Exhibition and Wearable Art Creatives.

Extracurricular projects allow students to join the Ryan Arts Collaborative and Illuminate. Programs in which students can develop their skills and experiment with media in conjunction with practising artists.

Film, Television and New Media

Film, Television and New Media offers extensive training across the various, and constantly evolving Media disciplines through Years 7-10. Further experience and exposure is gained, in Year 11 and 12, through the active involvement in filming, photography and media event management of weekly assemblies, sporting events, marketing campaigns and large scale performing arts events, providing regular skill building and performance practice.

The courses look for students who show potential to pursue a career in the Film, Television and New Media industries in the future. It is ideal for students who display natural talent, thereby enhancing this ability by providing strong foundations in fundamental 21st Century skills, training and industry specific knowledge. Our curriculum Media teachers are thus always on the look-out for students who show the potential that could be realised as a result of participation in these programs. Competitions, such as the ATOM Awards, are an annual event open to students to showcase their creative works across a broad range of media categories. 
Students in the program have the opportunity to participate in excursions/incursions and premiere screenings. As an Essential Screen Skills Gateway school, students have access to a variety of workshops conducted by industry professionals and educators.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and waters, the Wulgurukaba, and that this country has been a place of learning and ceremony for tens of thousands of years. We also acknowledge the neighbouring language groups as brothers and sisters of the land. We pay our respects to elders past, present and emerging. May we walk gently and peacefully on this land together.

Junior Campus (Prep - Year 4)

44 Golf Links Drive
Kirwan. QLD. 4817

P: 07 4755 9900
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Senior Campus (Years 5 - 12)

59 Canterbury Road,
Kirwan. QLD. 4817

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